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Numbers below are based on an Artist making a low $400/ per client averaging 6-7 clients a day.
Per day
Monthly Revenue
1 $400 $2000 $8000
2 $800 $4000 $16,000
3 $1200 $6000 $24,000
4 $1600 $8,000 $32,000
5 $2000 $10,000 $40,000
6 $2400 $12,000 $48,000
7 $2800 $14,000 $56,000


The most profitable service in the
beauty industry today!

Come learn the art of enhancing people’s beauty through cosmetic tattooing.

We offer several types of services to train our students, only quality and trusted education. We’ve been in the permanent makeup industry for more than five years strong, trained with only the best in the industry.

All of our students receive full kits, ongoing support, the opportunity to apprentice under our academy, as well as work as one of our artists. We’ve established a well-known business and are trusted by thousands of clients all over the country!

All Courses Include…

full quality kit to get you started & enough goodies for your upcoming clients and practice, machine, microblading tools, pigments, needles, certificate upon completion, blades, live video demos, practice pads, measuring/pre-draw supplies, latex skins, manuals of 85+ pages, on-going support, opportunity to apprentice under me, and so much more!!


Powder or Microblading Lip Blush or Tattoo Removal

$1800 | $500 deposit required

full quality kit to get you started, machine, microblading tools, pigments, needles, certificate upon completion, blades, measuring/pre-draw supplies, latex skins, manuals of 85+ pages, etc.

This course can be taken by beginners or advanced students. Individuals are not required to have previous certifications or licenses to take this course. This 1-day training is great for those who are beginners that want to take a small peek at what we do to achieve perfect brows as well as advanced students who’ve been exposed to the PMU industry and are interested to learn our ways.

This course does not come with a live model however live videos & hands-on are all demonstrated to ensure all students can easily grasp our technique.

You can trust that we’ve developed a technique that can be effortlessly achievable.


Powder or Microblading

$2900 | $500 deposit required


All Techniques Course.
Powder | Tattoo Removal | Microbladin

$4000 | $1000 deposit required

For private one on training please email
info@kimlayson.com | 702.890.2021 | www.kimlayson.com

The Mission

My mission as an instructor and mentor is to guide all of my students through
their PMU journey. I’ve developed a technique pattern that can be easily achieved by beginners and advanced.
The 5+ years of skill development has helped me obtain a quality education and love passing on my knowledge to all of my students, apprentices, and artist!

My passion for the art world has led me to conduct and inspire others to follow their dreams of financial freedom!

Student Testimonials

To read more of what our students have to say, visit our page.

All students will receive a certificate of completion.
You are not required to have a cosmetology license, or any experience to take a class.
Each state requires different regulations for permanent makeup, please contact your local health department for more information.

All students have ongoing support.

All deposits can be submitted via Paypal – Venmo
Please contact us for more information about payments.

Frequenly Asked Questions
How do I process my deposit?

Your deposit can be processed through the booking link or email info@kimlayson.com.

Do you offer apprenticeship?

Yes, we only offer the program for our current students. I periodically train a selective group of students every six months. If interested, please inquire using the contact form.

Do I need experience to take a class?

No prior licensing or experience is necessary to take a class. 

What else will I need to take a class?

You will need a Blood Borne Pathogen certificate prior to class. Everything else will be provided to you.