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Please read, as our rules and regulations may be subject to change at anytime.

If you have previously tattooed eyebrows, lips, or liner , you must first email clear photos of your eyebrows to info@kimlayson.com prior.
Please visit our coverup/correction tab.

​All appointment require a deposit.
The deposit is NON- refundable. Deposit goes towards the cost of the procedure.

  • No call, No show- have no future appointments with us.
  • We try our very best to accommodate clients, a reminder is sent
  • 3 times- a confirmation once you’ve booked, a reminder days before, and last reminder 1-3 hours before the appointment.

NCNS do not give us notice = not enough time to get a new client in = next client will be pushed back/ or cancel on us = we lose business. We are booked months ahead, clients waiting to get in, it is disrespectful to us, our business, and our clients.

Being late 15-20 minutes will forfeit your deposit and/or cancellation of your appointment.

We specifically book based on session time, back to back all day. If you are running late without notice, most likely your appointment is cancelled. You will need to re-book an appointment with a new deposit. This will also be marked on your file for tardiness.

We don’t send you text messages asking you if you’re coming to your appointment after the scheduled time. We will simply wait 15 minutes, after 15 minutes, your appointment is cancelled. This is to show respect for our next clients.

I require at least 72 hours to reschedule your appointment, not the day before or day of. This will forfeit your deposit due loss time.

If you need to reschedule your appointment, please send an email to info@kimlayson.com

  • keep in mind if you cancel a touch up appointment, you will be schedule on our first available appointment hence you will be paying more.
  • For example – if you’re booked for a touch up for 6-12 weeks and you cancelled, our next opening is 3-4 month from your original appointment,
  • you will pay 3-6 months price not 6 -12 week price.
  • Cancelling your 6-12 week touch up and demanding to be seen before the 12 week mark is a no go.

​Appointments can only be rescheduled ONCE. Clients that abuse moving their appointment more than twice, will need to re-book using the system and a new deposit will be required.

If you are running late, please text/call us, DO NOT EMAIL US minutes before, this notifies us faster.

Pricing is subject to change at anytime.
A consultation will be performed prior to the tattooing session. This allows your technician to properly address concerns / questions, as well as measure and shape your new PMU. Technician will not proceed until the client is 110% with the shaping and approves. Also reason it’s important to show up on time to ensure the process is never pressured/rushed.

Everyone skin and body is unique and each will react different to the pigment, and the session itself.

How much you bleed or lymph build up will affect the outcome results and therefore will require additional sessions to achieve desired results.

All card transactions require a 3% surcharge fee. No checks accepted. No CashApp.
We accept Venmo/Paypal/Zelle/Cash

We love kids!!! But no children at the appointment or pets

​All non-existing clients are considered NEW CLIENTS.

You must be 18+ years old to receive a tattoo in Nevada.

All prep instructions are sent to your email when you book your appointment.

Aftercare instructions and products will be given to clients at their appointment.

For any questions or concerns, please email info@kimlayson.com

Thank you for respecting our craft.
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