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& Correction

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This service is not guaranteed to completely cover and correct your previous tattoo as some techniques differ from our current technique, such as pigment saturation, style, depth, etc. A photo is required prior to booking this service. You must be approved before booking as some previous tattoos are not workable.

Keep in mind that your skin with previous work has a different texture and integrity than your virgin skin, reason it’s also recommended to book a 2nd session.

It’s your face,
invest wisely!


Previous tattoo must be at least 75% – 85% faded enough for us to work on if the previous tattoo is too saturated (Too pigmented you will be directed to do a removal from:

A – Saline removal – works best on tattoos done within 1-2 years. Requires sessions with down time of 3-4 weeks in between.

B – Laser removal – this method is more sensitive to the skin but can target the ink more effectively. I recommend this service to those with darker previous tattoo.

Removal Options

These are trusted methods that can potentially help your old previous
tattoo lighten to achieve better outcome after your new tattoo.


This service performed with a machine and needle. Salt saline solutions is used to lift and lighen up pigment. Requires downtime of 3-4 weeks.
Laser Tatoo
This service is done with a tool that flashes beam of light, pulses of light penetrates the skin and breaks down tatoo ink particles. Requires sessions.
You have the longer option of waiting for the skin to exfoliate itself taking the layers of pigment little by little. Can take up to 3-4 years. Varies by client.

The healing process varies by individual. Different types of tattoo can heal
differently. Many factors can come to play with results. We can’t promise to give you exactly what you want if you’re old tattoo is saturated, but we can guarantee they’ll look better!

Tattoo coverups are the time to work with the professional and let them handle what’s best for your new eyebrows!

​If you’re certain you prefer to receive a very natural eyebrow, laser removal is recommended to start with a clean slate. Please send your brow technician an email to receive laser recommendations.

A front face photo is required for your technician to determine whether
your previous tattoo is eligible for a cover-up &/or correction.