This varies from person to person, not every eyebrow will suit everyone’s face.

Powder shading will be best if you have oily skin or are somewhat oily.

If you have more dry skin type, microblading or powder shading will do, it’s up to your personal preference.

If you like to wear makeup on your eyebrows every day, powder shading will do. This gives you the powder finish look but is also natural.

Powder shading will suit you best if you have dry skin with very little natural hair growth.

If you have dry skin, and a lot of natural hair, but draw your brows more than 3x a week, powder shading is best.

If you have dry skin, but sweat easily or your lifestyle is outdoorsy, powder shading is best.

If you have previous tattoo work, you must send clear photos of your current eyebrows to before booking an appointment.