This is not to panic about, this is common in tattoos, whether that’s with traditional tattooing or permanent makeup.

Over time, as your tattoo ages, cells from our immune system often absorb and disperse the pigment, which can lead to some fading as your tattoo ages.

Understanding how our skin reacts to certain things such as tattoos, lasers, acidic gels, facials, etc. will help you understand more of what might

be causing the skin to heal different.

Eyebrow pigment generally come in different versions of brown color, whether that’s light brown, ashy brown, ebony brown, etc.

Brown color is made up of different degrees of blue, this what makes the color dense and dark.

The darker you request your artist to tattoo your eyebrows, the more you deposit blue in your skin.

Your artist will and should remind you of the risk you’re taking when you’re requesting dark colors, generally we add in reds/yellows to

cancel out the blue colors in our pigments to keep the eyebrows neutral and a natural brown, doesn’t mean your eyebrows will be tattooed red/yellow.

You’re eyebrows will appear brown and should heal brown and age brown, throughout the years without touch up or proper care for your tattoo,

it’s possible for your tattoo to fade into a ashier tone color, you can then ask for a touch up to add in the reds/yellow tones to neutralize the brows back to brown.

Reasons your tattoo might change or fade into different color:

  1. Client’s facial included acidic gels, chemicals, laser, red light therapy, etc.
  2. Client extended the amount of facials and the skin has thinned out, causing the skin to remove that protectant layer.
  3. UV light, sun exposure, although most clients apply sunscreen daily, it’s extremely important to reapply on the eyebrows, specially if you’re outdoors everyday.
  4. Lasers can come in different forms, whether that’s from laser hair removal, red light therapy, or at home red light, this will definitely 100% turn your tattoo gray.
  5. Your skin can pull more carbon from the pigment and leaving ashier tones.
  6. You’re anemic, iron defiency client’s often times pull / absorb more blues (carbon)
  7. You’re coming back for too many touch ups, it’s not ideal for clients to come back regularly, recommended time frame is once every year or 2 years.
  8. Medication

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